The Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan
Kanwal Yousuf  & Huda Sarhan

The Failed takeover of Afghanistan by the Soviets caused an effect in the countries economy, culture, and government. It began when the Soviets entered Afghanistan in 1979, with only one aim in mind,  to establish a key position in Asia. 

Afghanistan people standing on crashed Soviet plane proudly. (

Soviet Union's intentions

After World War II, the soviet's were losing power. This was during the cold war, when the US made a military bond with Pakistan and Afghanistan kept turning to the Soviet Union for any help. The Soviets found Afghanistan was becoming weak and that's when they decided to take the opportunity to invade and take over Afghanistan. The Soviets wanted more than just to control Afghanistan but to get easy access to the Indian ocean and to make it easier for them to trade with the Middle East and India. Afghanistan was also one of the countries that had important natural gas. "The Soviets entered Afghanistan in 1979 with the aim of establishing a key position in Asia, one with trade possibilities in Asia, one with trade possibilities and access to Gulf oil" ("Rubin, Barnett R. The Fragmentation of Afghanistan: State Formation and Collapse in the International System. New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 2002. Print.) This was a chance for Russia to expand.