The Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan

Success and Failures

"After 14 years of fighting the Soviets, the Afghan Mujahideen, entered Kabul in April, 1992 and took control of the government." (Grazda, Ed. Afghanistan Diary 1992-2000. New York: PowerHouse, 2000. Print.) The US helped create Mujahideen by providing them anti-aircraft missiles. Pakistan also helped by fighting along side the Mujahideen and joined the group. Two years after Pakistan and Afghanistan were provided weapons from the US, the Soviets withdrew. A treaty was created for withdrawl of the Soviets. They started to withdraw from May 1988 and were gone by February 1989. Afghanistan had won and the Soviets lost.
Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan 1979 And Rise Of Islamic Jihad (


While the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, within different sectors there were enemies being created. This caused violence between the people living in Afghanistan. Tribal leaders of each sector began to be troubled by enemies land reforms. According to the November 2001 Amnesty International Report "Land reforms worsened conditions of the country economically, people were being executed, taken to prison, and being tortured" and "8,00 people executed after trial from 1980 to 1988" (NewsHour, Online. "The Online NewsHour: Afghanistan and the War on Terror | The Soviet Occupation | PBS." PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. 10 Oct. 2006. Web. 16 Feb. 2011. <>.)

Because Afghanistan was suffering economically, it was an easy idea for them to grow a small production of poppy seed and get money through that. This causes a problem with foreign trading with that country. 

Mujahideen  has led to another organization called Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is being led by Osama Bin Laden and Al Zorai. They are collecting all Mujahideens from all over the world. They use the Palestine-Israel conflict to recruit people into the organization. Ironically even though they are fighting for Islam, they do not represent Islam, putting a bad view on Muslims.